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Blue Bird is a holding group that is ready to cater to all your needs.

Furnishing the industries such as transportation, telecomunication, logistic, ultilities and many other products and services.

Executor of research and development tasks led by a Head of Agency eho reposrts directly to the Minister of Transportation.

The Departemen of Transportation(DISHUB) has the duty to carry out transportation affairs.

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Gamatechno is an information technology solutions providers headquartered in Yogyakarta and has branch offices in Jakarta and Bali.

PT Aino Indonesia is a provider of electronic payment solutions for the mass transportation sector, government services, education and retail.

Moda Raya Terpadu Jakarta (MRT Jakarta) is a rapid transit transportation system using electric railroad in Jakarta.

Transjakarta is the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation system in Southeast and South Asia, which has been operating since 2004 in Jakarta.

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Q-Free is a supplier of Tolling, Parking, Trafic Management and Connected ITS (C-ITS)/Connected Vehicle solutions.

Company engaged in the business of Industrial Engineering & Engineering in the field of Micro Control System, Communication & Electronics and Trade.

PT Alita Mitra Praya is recognized as reliable provider of varios telecommunications services.

METRA is postioned by Telkom as Strategic Invesment which focuses on the Information, Media and Edutaintment (IME) industry.

Tron is an application for ordering public transportation (such as Angkot, Bajaj, Mikrolet, Bus, Shuttle, etc.) Online and based on Ride-Sharing.

The Kapsch Group is an international Road Telematics, Information Technology and Telecommunications Company headquartered in Vienna, Austria.